We’ve set up another reading at the Lucia Douglas Gallery. This time it’s Lorraine Healy and Peter Ludwin on Friday, October 29, 7 pm. Lorraine will teach a workshop the following day from 10:30 am to 3 pm. The workshop title: “This Bunch of Flowers and Horseshoes…” What Neruda’s Odes can teach poets. See the Whatcom Poetry Series website for specific details.

The first time I remember hearing Lorraine Healy read was in Eastern Washington. It was a hot evening at a posh winery, and there were several poets sharing their work. Lorraine grew up in Buenos Aires. Her writing is vivid and imaginative, and she carries the listener with her. You’ll be there at the market, walking down a street, or maybe even creating the memories of a first kiss. You’ll be right there. That’s how she writes.

The first time Peter Ludwin visited us at Noon Road, he looked at the fields, and the art, and then fell asleep on a couch, warmed by the fire. His poetry won’t make you fall asleep, but it will make you feel at home, even in a strange place. A few days after Peter got up from the couch, he wrote a poem that included the studio and the fields, and a heron from the art. That made me feel pretty good.

Anyway, I think this reading will be excellent and I hope you will join us.