This blog has been quiet because I’ve been working pretty hard lately on the Egress Studio Press website. And now, I have a page of my assemblages on the site, thanks, in part, to my sister, Carol, who is helping me out. I’ve been teaching her a few things about putting a website together. And she’s been learning a lot about how to organize a website, size images, write a little code, and things like that. It’s not that I know everything there is to know about designing websites, but more like there is so much to know, you can begin almost anywhere and look smart.

Afterwards, by Anita K. Boyle

Over the last few years, I had been working on assemblages, and came to really enjoy the organic way they go together. The new webpage shows the entire group of assemblages that were on display at the Loomis Art Gallery in Blaine. If you’ve got a few minutes to browse a website like it’s an art gallery, please take a look at Egress Studio Press’ newest page by following this link. Next year, I’ll be working on a new series of assemblages that will be shown at the Allied Arts of Whatcom County Gallery.

I’ve also been enthusiastically working on a series of watercolor paintings that will be in a group show with three or four other artists in January. This exhibit will also have a few giclée prints for sale, as well. I’ll have more about the upcoming show soon. But right now, I have to get back to the paintings.