I wish you were here.
I'm hungry!

This week, my daughter, Angela, visited Jim and me for a few days. She and I were mainly painting and drawing in Egress Studio. I finished up a few paintings I’d been working on, and she worked on some line drawings for an illustration for a friend and some comic art. The way she goes about making art is very impressive. And she also let me try out her copic pens. So I drew this cat character to give them a good test run. I like them because the artist is able to blend colors very easily.

Some people think my humor is rather odd. Angela’s is even more unusual. Well, that’s my opinion, but what do I know? Here’s a link to one of her latest comic strips: http://lunavalse.deviantart.com/art/Trial-and-Error-191659391.

Last night, I made homemade mushroom soup and cornbread for dinner, and then a gingerbread cake with a ginger cream-cheese icing for dessert. Angela’s boyfriend Abe arrived just before dinner was ready, as planned. We ate, had dessert, and then they drove back to Seattle. It’s nice to have a daughter who visits and enjoys spending time in the studio. We’ll be doing that again. Soon, I hope.