February 2011

Here’s a collaborative poem written by seven friends one evening right after an open mic at the Blue Horse Gallery. This one was written in the style of the exquisite corpse.

Pork Charisma Heals
a poetry collaboration

No, it isn’t what you think—
two yellow bikes, mated at the hub.

Without a doubt: he was smitten.
“No Rena! That’s all they ever say!”

Whiskey warms the forgotten soul,
and you’re worth every bit, honey.

by James Bertolino, Nancy Canyon, David Drummond, Rena Priest, Haley (Rena’s nice friend), and Anita K. Boyle

written at The Temple Bar, Tuesday, February 8, 2011 late in the night

When: Sunday, February 13 at 3 pm
Where: Open Books, 2414 N 45th St., Seattle (ph. 206-633-0811)

It feels pretty good to have a collection of poems, What the Alder Told Me, published by MoonPath Press (Kingston, 2011) as the first in a series of Pacific Northwest poets. It’s quite an honor, really. Simple as that. And I feel doubly honored to be reading with the poet Tina Schumann, who won the Stephen Dunn Poetry Prize for 2010.

Possibly the first review of What the Alder Told Me is by Amy Kepferle in the Cascadia Weekly, which came out just prior to the reading at Bellingham’s Village Books with Belle Randall.

Tina Schumann

Cover of "As If"

BIO: Tina Schumann
Tina Schumann’s manuscript As If was awarded the Stephen Dunn Poetry Prize for 2010 and will see publication by Parlor City Press this year. Her work received honorable mention in The Atlantic Poetry Writing Contest for 2008 and she is the recipient of the American Poet Prize for 2009 from The American Poetry Journal. She received an MFA from the Rainier Writing Workshop at Pacific Lutheran University. Her work has appeared or is forthcomng in The American Poetry Journal, The Cimarron Review, Crab Creek Review, Harpur Palate, PALABRA, Poetry International and The Raven Chronicles. She lives in Seattle, Washington.

"What the Alder Told Me" Cover

Anita K. Boyle

BIO: Anita K. Boyle

Anita K. Boyle’s new collection of poetry, What the Alder Told Me, is the first volume from MoonPath Press in the new series of Pacific Northwest poets. An illustrator and graphic designer, she is also the author of the chapbook Bamboo Equals Loon, and her poems have appeared in StringTown, The Raven Chronicles, Crab Creek Review, Cranky, Indiana Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, and other journals. She lives outside Bellingham, Washington with her partner and poetry collaborator James Bertolino.