The Mill: Holiday Hand Made Bazaar

Art, Events, Poetry

Until December 24 at 8 pm, you can visit The Mill (205 Chestnut St., Bellingham) to purchase presents you won’t hardly find anywhere else. Original art, honey, handmade apparel, and of course, Bison’s fantastically beautiful and often humorous letterpress cards and books.

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This year, you’ll find everything on your list: from honey to journals, baby hats to greeting cards, tie-dyed vests to cookies. It’s worth the time stopping in even if the only thing you see is the etching press, imported from Paris, and moved across the country to Kevin and Carly’s shop. Or would that be Shoppe? The bright yellow walls will keep winter’s depression at bay. Egress Studio Press has a few things there, too: greeting cards, prints, poetry and little handsewn, illustrated journals.

Uploading this has taken so long that I can only say I have to quit. Jim and I are getting high speed real soon, supposedly. If we do, I’ll update this again. Jim says I ought to show what Egress Studio has at The Mill, and I want to share photos of Carly’s dad Dave and Jim, as well as Robert Sarazin Blake’s actual records (i.e. LP’s) and CD’s, and it only took an additional forty-five minutes to add them to the slide show. I’m giving up now, at Jim’s request.

For hours of operation and more information, see

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