Well, blog posters are generally late. So am I. This is about the GeekGirlCon at the Seattle Conference Center tomorrow and Sunday, August 11 and 12, 2012. My daughter Angela, a tech writer and comic artist, and I, a poet and artist, will be showing our latest work, as well as some of our other things. It’s extra geeky because we’re doing a mother/daughter table. But Angela is a hoot, and I’m sure we’ll have a great weekend.

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For this show, I’ve made eleven new, but small, assemblages. All are less than a foot in any direction. I find that very funny because of the 3 by 4 foot linoleum block I printed with a small army of Bellingham lady artists in Anacortes last weekend. If you’re one of my FB friends, then check my Facebook page for a good look at the print and some of the artists. Anyway, the new assemblages are small and affordable original artworks. A frame with a six inch border would make them look pretty fine on any wall. The thing about these assemblages is that this weekend I’m selling them at studio prices or below. If any don’t sell, I’ll bring them back to the studio for framing, and then they’ll never be priced as low as they will be this weekend. If you’re in Seattle this weekend looking for a visually stimulating experience, stop by GeekGirlCon. Angela and I are at table 314. Come and see us.