A Winter Visit to White River Junction


I visited my daughter Angela and her partner Abe in White River Junction between January 6 and the 13th. My son Isaac came along, too. Since Angela’s attending the Center for Cartoon Studies, and should receive her MFA this May, I thought I share a few photos I took during our post-holiday winter stay at WRJ.


Greetings at the Coolidge Hotel

After a long red-eye flight, complete with delays and hunger, accentuated with poor sleep, coffee was necessary.


Angela and Abe in sunny, downtown WRJ


Isaac with coffee

It had snowed and was sort of melting. Signs mentioned that it is not safe to stand near the eaves of buildings.


We took a tour of the CCS seniors’ building, starting with the stairs.

Then to the main senior classroom, where Angela showed us her desk.


The whiteboard information

A doll and found art add the necessary decorations for a cartoon classroom. This is serious education after all.

There are also some Asian influenced artworks to view.

And some wall art.

I took a tour of the downtown White River Junction…


This is the main building of the Center for Cartoon Studies

A few more buildings from WRJ.

Yes, WRJ has an opera house. Oddly. And there’s also an old train station there…

And the entrance to Angela’s place, plus a couple more photos of a garage door above where A&A live, and the trees at the top of the hill… or the mountain, as they rightfully call it, though it would be a foothill if it were here. Sorry. I couldn’t help saying that.

I also visited the possibly world famous Center for Cartoon Studies [Charles] Schultz Library. If it isn’t world famous, it should be.  There are so many fantastic and amazing books in this library—Kapow!—I’d advise everyone who can to plan a visit. The books fill the shelves from ceiling to floor. There are major publishers and self-published books represented. You’ll find everything from the mass produced books to the highest quality limited-edition handmade books on the shelves. And no white gloves necessary.


Entryway to the CCS Schultz Library with Angela at work.


Angela and Abe at work in CCS’ library


By the end of the week, we were pretty tired.

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