I am often asked questions about how to put a small publication together. So I wrote out what I know, and made a little book titled Elements of a Polished Poetry Chapbook. Then, last September, I gave a workshop at LiTFUSE in Tieton, WA, where participants folded and sewed copies of this book, discussed its contents, and then made another book with a wrap-around outer cover.


Elements of a Polished Poetry Chapbook

Elements of a Polished Poetry Chapbook is intended to help poets put together a chapbook of poems that would have a professionally finished look and feel. We often see books that are beautiful and thoughtfully created. And we see others that are lacking in some respect. With just a little more attention to detail, these books would develop into the fine quality that the poems deserve.


Copyright and table of content pages

This brief book covers a number of details, from choosing a press name, to poem layout, to limited editions. The book shares information about each detail from the front cover to the back.


Pages about limited editions and what can go on the back cover.

Toward the back of the book, signed and numbered limited editions are explored. A limited edition book is a handsome way to present the poems as the valuable artworks they are. For poets who want to self-publish, I strongly suggest making their own handmade, limited editions. Maybe this book can help. It is available on my website.