Membership Art Show at Allied Arts Gallery during March.

Homage to Fish & Chips with Beer

Here’s a watercolor and gouache painting of mine titled “Homage to Fish & Chips with Beer,” which is inspired by Morris Graves’ painting titled “Minnow,” one of his best-known works. The fish in my painting is a hardly a minnow, and makes me hungry. Last summer there was a celebration in Seattle of Morris Graves’ life (who died in 2001). Graves was known as one of the Mystic Painters of the Northwest. The red snapper in my painting is currently showing at Allied Arts Gallery in downtown Bellingham as part of the membership exhibition. This show is fun to walk around and see what everyone has been up to. You’ll probably find your favorite artists there. Check out the fish painting by George Jartos while you’re there.

Minnow by Morris Graves

Posted by Anita K. Boyle