Audio Poetry Book: Lit-Wads


The collaborative poetry book, Lit-Wads, by James Bertolino and Anita K. Boyle was first published in a limited-edition, handmade version with illustrations. Since then, Jim and I recorded all the poems, and I made an interactive pdf version of the book. The table of contents will send you to individual poems of your choice. Once on a page with a poem, there’s a button that you can poke to hear one or the other of us reading the poem. Or you can push a different button and return to the Table of Contents for choose another poem. This version of Lit-Wads is now for sale at:

The original, hand sewn version is still available until it is out of print, and is also available at the above link.


In the future, most books by Egress Studio Press will be handmade in illustrated hard cover and soft cover editions, followed later by an e-book, like Lit-Wads. I’m currently working on double-spread illustrations for a book call The Moon’s Answer by Lana Ayers, which I’m hoping to publish before the end of this year. And, for past books, I’ll be adding audio to the layout and creating other audio books.


A Poem by Priscilla Long


Vanishing Ice, Vanishing Species, and Our Human Spirit:
A Poet’s Perspective and Poems

A reading and lecture by poet and science wrtier Priscilla Long will happen on Friday, Febuary 28 at 7:00 p.m. $5 suggested donation. Old City Hall, Whatcom Museum, 121 Prospect Street, Bellingham

For every poet reading for The Poet As Art, I’ve made a poetry broadside (one-sided page with a poem on it) to give out free to the audience, so they can take a little of the evening home with them. Priscilla came up to see the Vanishing Ice exhibit at the Whatcom Museum, which I’m pretty sure inspired her to write the poem “Glacier Peak Elegy.” Here’s what her poem’s broadside looks like.


You can probably read the poem aloud from the photo to hear how wonderful it is. Simply beautiful. It is a little larger than most broadsides I’ve made for the series. There will be about fifty copies for audience members to pick up. The audience is often larger than that, so if you want a broadside, I’d encourage you to arrive a little early. By the way, I didn’t draw the art: it is a public domain illustration of a glacier.

—Anita K. Boyle

Poetry from Vanishing Ice… a exhibit tour and a poetry reading / workshop with Chris Jarmick



Tomorrow! Thursday, January 16, starting at 5 pm, an unusual event will happen at the Whatcom Museum’s Lightcatcher building (250 Flora Street, Bellingham, WA). First, we’ll walk around the museum with a docent who will share details about the artworks in the awesome and beautiful Vanishing Ice exhibit. This might sound like regular routine at a museum, but this exhibit brings unexpected outstanding insights to you about the world we live it from many different artistic perspectives. Right after the tour, we’ll be hosted by Chris Jarmick who will not only read poetry, but will give prompts to his audience for writing their own poems. Jarmick will inspire you to write! The poems might be about the art exhibit, or the ideas the art suggests, or possibly about a surprising detail that the docent might have mentioned. We can all come away from this event with our own poems.

Anyone who attends this event, can also take home a poem by Chris Jarmick—a poetry broadside designed by Anita Boyle, Egress Studio, that looks something like like this:


The broadside poem will be available at no charge to this event’s audience. In addition, anyone who writes a poem, can sign up to be invited to a poetry reading during National Poetry Month: April. The poems at this reading will be from the poets who have written poems at one of four poetry workshops offered by the Whatcom Poetry Series: The Poet As Art.

Hope to see you there.

Anita Boyle and Jim Bertolino